CBD Energy Drink – Citrus 12 Pack


Revival Nutrition CBD Energy drink is a healthy alternative to the common “go to” energy drinks, With 10mg of CBD isolate working its magic, mixed with a huge 120mg shot of caffeine you will be ALERT yet FOCUSED, ENERGIZED yet COMPOSED! the two ingredients work simultaneously to bring out the best in you.

Available in CITRUS and GRAPE flavour Revival Energy is Vegan friendly, with ZERO sugar, ZERO thc and only 5kcals per can, not to mention the benefits of the added b & c vitamins and L – theanine to ease that anxiety “TRIP”.

You will be a whole new kind of “in the zone”!

Revival Energy drinks are mixed with the finest ingredients, for the coolest crowds.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 23 × 17 cm


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